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This guideline is for exhibitors of the Eco Expo and Eco Living Festival

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Eco Booth & Display

This sustainability event has a few banned items, and plenty of suggestions to minimise our environmental impact. Please keep in mind, exhibiting at this event does not mean a harsh overhaul of your business practices, rather each of us taking some extra steps in the right direction, toward sustainability.

We recommend following the below sustainable practices at all your events, and start to include them in your day-to-day business practices. Together, our small steps will make a difference.

Banned Items:

  • CASH is banned at all events. Please ensure you have EFT facilities at your booth.
  • Plastic bags / single-use bags, plastic straws, balloons, non-recyclable and plastic utensils
  • As much as we all love to see our business in a glossy flyer, remember that most end up in landfills!! Therefore, this is a general flyer-free event. Be active in your own marketing before, during, and after the event (see next page), and you won’t need flyers. Or have one poster and tell people to take a photo to remember the details ~ no hand-outs needed!
    • For other printable items (such as brochures, price lists, banners), please source printers that use 80-100% post-consumer recycled or sustainable forestry paper and vegetable-based inks.

Event Inclusions:

  • Power conscious – all booths are automatically switched off each night to minimise power consumption. Please notify us if you have a fridge, which is the only exception.
  • General and recycle bins will be available to the public, plus organic waste bins at each food site and around the café area, ready to be collected for composting. Please ensure your booth waste is sorted accordingly (and try to reduce waste where possible).

Event Suggestions:

  • Encourage your team to carpool or use public transport to get to and from the event. Or, stay at our eco accommodation partner ‘Direct Hotels’, next to venue (walking distance).
  • Keep ‘reduce, reuse, recycle, refuse’ in mind when considering what to bring to the event and how your booth will operate. Hire, reuse or repurpose items and furniture rather than buying new.
  • Mindful giveaways – please try to steer clear of ‘one-use’ easily disposable items
  • Where possible, reduce unnecessary packaging or offer a bulk buy service
  • If you must buy new, try to purchase items with the purpose of re-using them. For example, if printing banners, don’t include dates/show specific details so they can be re-used.