COVID-19 Conditions of Entry

All events are now CASHLESS

There will be some minor changes to future event formats in order to follow and meet the COVID-19 safety requirements. The health and safety of our guests, exhibitors and staff is paramount, and as such we will be implementing social distancing, safe hygiene practices and other preventative measures to ensure a safe, yet enjoyable, and inspiring day for all who will attend. 

  • Unified Events reserves the right to refuse entry or remove any person including any person who displays COVID-19 infection symptoms, causes a disturbance, or refuses to comply with reasonable requests 
  • Unified Events encourages all patrons to download the Australian Government COVIDSafe App, with Bluetooth activated prior entering the venue to keep you, the exhibitors, staff, and fellow patrons safe.  

Enhanced public health measures will be in place at our event which include: 

  • A cashless event  
  • 1.5m floor markers 
  • separate entry/exit points 
  • alcohol-based sanitiser and hand washing stations/amenities readily available 
  • additional cleaning practices 
  • regular social distancing and health announcements via loudspeakers 
  • security to manage maximum capacity 

All attendees must: 

  • NOT enter the venue if you are positive for COVID-19. 
  • NOT enter the venue if you have been asked to self-quarantine due to overseas travel, or travel within Australia, or have visited an identified COVID-19 hotspot as declared by the Queensland’s Chief Health Officer in the last fourteen (14) days. 
  • NOT enter the venue if you have been in close contact with a person who has COVID-19 in the last fourteen (14) days. 
  • NOT enter the venue if you have been in close contact with someone who is awaiting COVID-19 test results in the last fourteen (14) days. 
  • NOT enter the venue if you have a temperature (37.5 degrees or higher) or flu-like symptoms (e.g. cough or sore throat). 
  • NOT use cash whilst at the event 
  • Adhere to social distancing measures as much as possible by keeping 1.5m distance from others not in your group, and follow social distancing floor markers and precautions. 
  • Provide full contact details including name, address, mobile phone number and email address of all members of your group (including children) for the purpose of contact tracing

If you require assistance or become unwell at one of our events: 

  • Please find a Unified Events staff member, volunteer, RNA event staff member, cleaner or security guard, who will direct you to one of our first aid posts or a discrete isolation room.

General Event Terms and Conditions of Entry


Unified Events offers complete event management services and business consulting in Sales and Marketing. To enhance the expo experience for all and to prioritise the health and safety of patrons, we appreciate your cooperation with the following: 

  1. Smoking is NOT permitted within the venue. 
  2. Footwear must be worn at all times. 
  3. All children must be under the supervision of an adult/guardian at all times. The accompanying adult assumes all responsibility for your care and safety whilst at the venue.  
  4. NO animals are permitted within the venue or surrounding grounds at any time except licensed assistance animals, which a copy licence may be required to be provided upon request as certified by law. 
  5. Unified Events reserves the right to change or cancel any portion of the program without prior notice. 
  6. The event and Unified Events are not to be held responsible for exhibitors or presenters that may withdraw from the event. 
  7. Attendees agree they will not promote their outside products or services to exhibitors while attending the event. 
  8. Opinions stated at exhibition booths and workshops/seminars are those opinions of the presenters and not necessarily those of the event and Unified Events. 
  9. Unified Events does not guarantee that there will be space for you to observe any particular displays in the event. 
  10. Persons gaining unauthorised access to the event may be liable for prosecution.
  11. Unified Events reserves the right to ask you to present any bags or parcels carried by you for inspection and to ask for proof of purchase or receipt for items carried. 
  12. You must comply with any reasonable directions given by Unified Events and the security arrangements for the event and the venue which may include searches of clothing and possessions, and prohibition of certain items such as knives, glass, illegal items, vehicles or other transportation devices (except as required because of a disability or age), alcohol and items which are a danger or may cause nuisance.  
  13. Attendees found in breach of these rules will be asked to leave the event immediately and may be refused entry to future events. 
  14. Unified Events and staff will be taking promotional photography and videos at this event for promotional purposes. Visitors and exhibitors who do not wish to be photographed or filmed at the event should advise the photographer or camera person at the event. Photographs and videos taken at the event by Unified Events and/or a representative of Unified Events may be used on the Unified Events website, social media websites, and other social and news media. Photographs and videos may also be used as promotional material such as in newspaper advertisements, TV commercials and promotional materials. 
  15. Except for Unified Events’ negligence or breach of contract or as expressly provided in these Conditions of Entry, Unified Events will not be liable for any injury, loss or damage suffered by you in connection with the event and the venue, including liability for injury, loss or damage caused by Unified Events or its employees, contractors or agents.
  16. Nothing listed in these Conditions of Entry is intended to exclude, restrict or modify rights which you may have under consumer protection legislation which may not be excluded, restricted or modified by agreement.


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Children under 14 must be accompanied by a paying guardian. Register online for tickets


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