Visit the Eco Expo 13-15 September, at the Brisbane Showgrounds! Exhibition Building, 600 Gregory Terrace, Bowen Hills, Brisbane QLD, 4006
Volunteering at the Eco Expo is a great way to contribute to the community, learn more on sustainability, enhance your career prospects, meet new people, and – have a lot of fun.

Volunteer at the Eco Expo

This is a great opportunity for all hospitality students, recent graduates or just those dedicated to making a difference. 

We are proud to include opportunities for any age, nationality or background, reflecting the diversity of our Expo the nature of sustainability being a worldwide issue.

Most of our visitors will have their initial contact at the Expo through meeting a volunteer, so we are on the hunt for the most dedicated, enthusiast people (who are willing to commit to their own eco step), to be the ‘face’ of the Eco Expo!

We have created exciting, fast paced event and hospitality roles to ensure you get the best out of your volunteer experience.

Brisbane Eco Expo 2018

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Demographic study only, no impact on application