for the Brisbane Eco Expo

At the Eco Expo, we are promoting this sustainable exhibition and supporting conservation, research, and public education. Our objective is to decrease all unfavourable impacts and give our visitors a better understanding; whilst joining the event to deepen your thoughts on sustainability and how to kick start change within your own life. In developing an eco-event, we are strict in upholding our sustainability plan which will guide us all in making ‘greener’ choices.

  • ′Unified Events′ Office

    As a paperless office, all invoicing forms and event planning is completed digitally. The office only uses reusable cutlery and crockery. Staff are encouraged to not bring plastic bags and to turn off power at the wall. Toilet paper is made with environmentally friendly materials. Plants are in the office, which absorb airborne pollutants; as well as no lights, just the use of natural light to save energy.

  • Printing

    The office is committed to environmental sustainability, this is why they use Heaneys Performers in Print. With the assistance of Printing Industries Queensland, they have implemented and continue to promote environmentally sound printing practices. Recycled paper, inks based on a large portion of renewable materials predominately vegetable matter, and reducing own waste in order to reduce our environmental footprint.

  • Venue

    Conveniently located at the Brisbane RNA Showgrounds. The Showgrounds use the world’s best practice in urban design and environmental sustainability, to deliver energy efficient facilities.

  • Build

    ExpoNet, the chosen build and furniture company, take their environmental responsibility seriously. Products and stands are used, with all digital print on 100% on recyclable substrates, and only energy efficient lighting used. All walling in the eco expo is uncoated in order to eliminate chemical remnants.

  • Exhibitors

    Exhibitors are encouraged to eliminate printing for flyers and booth promotion and not use plastic bags, non-recyclable plastic plates, straws, knives, forks and spoons polystyrene cups and balloons. Reusing storage containers and packaging, where possible. Recycling all packaging boxes, bulk food containers and jars.

  • Visitors

    All ticketing is completed online and paper tickets are not used. The Eco Expo encourages using public transport and car sharing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We ask you to minimise your waste as much as possible and embrace the nature of this event.

  • Evaluation

    Following the event, there will be an evaluation conducted; to ensure we are implementing and supporting each other to live our best lives in the most sustainable way.  This evaluation will also be sure to provide future improvements for this yearly event.

Why an Eco Expo?

Most of us want to make the world a better place, come along to the Eco Expo to find your way.


What′s On

What will you find at the Brisbane Eco Expo? Find out more, and come along to help #savetheworld

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Exhibitor List

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