at the Brisbane Eco Expo


Make a difference at Australia’s largest consumer sustainability event.

The natural, organic & sustainability industry is worth billions. If preserving the environment, as well as the health of yourself and your family is your business’ goal, don’t miss out on your chance to increase sales, customers, generate high exposure and meet thousands of targeted consumers.

  • Why Exhibit?

    Join the Eco Expo, and your target market will come to YOU. Unified Events arranges all the marketing targeting consumers from Sunshine Coast to Gold Coast, so all you have to do is turn up! Create a stand-out booth and you are set to make a big impact to your future customers.

  • Immediate Market Penetration

    Exhibitions can be one of the fastest sales & marketing methods to reach your target market. With thousands of traders & consumers walking past your booth, you can achieve more in three days at this Expo than you may normally achieve in months.

  • Business Networking

    With so many industry exhibitors under the one roof, the Eco Expo is the perfect opportunity to forge productive business relationships. These Eco contacts can become powerful associates to work together to recognise, create, or act upon business opportunities.

  • Permission-Based Marketing

    Customers are coming to the Eco Expo as they WANT to hear about your business! They arrive with an intent of purchasing products, gifts and services for their home and family. You just need to have a stand-out booth, and show that your product is their solution!

  • Cost Effective Marketing

    Exhibitions are one of the most cost-effective means of getting your in front of your target market. Choose a booth that works for your set-up and marketing budget, and take this opportunity to promote, sell and create relationships with your customers.

  • Face To Face Sales

    Permission-based marketing in conjunction with face-to-face customer interaction is the most effective form of selling. Unlike most mediums, the Brisbane Eco Expo will enable your customers to touch, see, smell and ask questions about your products.

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