What are we trying to do?

With recent facts emerging including Australia ranking in the top 5 worst countries for waste pollution, and 75% of Australia’s energy consumption still being supplied by the burning of air polluting coal (only 5% from renewable energy), there is no better time for change than now.

The path to worldwide sustainability may be a long one, but it only takes one step to get started. The Eco Expo is here to encourage each of us to take one step toward a sustainable lifestyle. Sectors include Home & Living, Food & Health, and Family, Beauty & Lifestyle.

Event initiatives to encourage #oneecostep include the give-away of native trees, ‘Eco Pledges’, ‘Eco Swag Bags’ for the early-birds, a ‘Chemical-Free’ zone, an ‘Eco Dining Experience’, plus special guest speakers with sustainability masterclasses, demonstrations and seminars.

The path to worldwide sustainability may be a long one, but it only takes #oneecostep to get start! Preserving the world starts with you. Join us at the Eco Expo to begin.


‘One Eco Step’ is the primary theme for the Eco Expo, as it demonstrates that we can all make a difference when we work together. The Eco Expo is not about pushing drastic measures but instead encouraging each of us to take one (more) step toward a sustainable lifestyle. We support preservation, conservation, research, and public education, and our objective is to give our visitors a better understanding of sustainability and how to make a difference with just one step forward. Taking one eco step doesn’t have to break the bank, or disrupt your day!

The Eco Expo has several sustainability measures to guide us in making ‘greener’ choices.

Our Office

As a paperless office, all invoicing forms and event planning is completed digitally. The office only uses reusable cutlery and crockery. Staff are encouraged to not bring plastic bags and to turn off power at the wall. Toilet paper is made with environmentally friendly materials. Plants are in the office, which absorb airborne pollutants; as well as no lights, just the use of natural light to save energy.


The office is committed to environmental sustainability, this is why they use Heaney’s Performers in Print for event collateral. With the assistance of Printing Industries Queensland, they have implemented and continue to promote environmentally sound printing practices. Recycled paper, inks based on a large portion of renewable materials predominately vegetable matter, and reducing own waste in order to reduce our environmental footprint.


Conveniently located at the Brisbane RNA Showgrounds. The Showgrounds use the world’s best practice in urban design and environmental sustainability, to deliver energy efficient facilities.


ExpoNet, the chosen build company, take their environmental responsibility seriously. Products and stands are used, with all digital print on 100% on recyclable substrates, and only energy efficient lighting used. All walling in the eco expo is uncoated in order to eliminate chemical remnants.


At the Eco Expo find businesses familiarising the public with their ‘one eco step’ toward corporate sustainability, or showcasing innovative products to help you take yours. Exhibitors are encouraged to eliminate printing for flyers and booth promotion. Banned items include: plastic bags, plastic utensils, non-recyclable utensils, straws and balloons.


All ticketing is completed online with any paper tickets produced using only sustainable, recycled paper. The Eco Expo encourages using public transport and car sharing (via our Exhibitor: Think Hitch) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This event is a single-use plastic free zone!


We aim to reduce landfill with use of Waste Management practices during set-up/pack-down for exhibitors as well as in public areas. Bins include general waste, recycling and organic waste (to be sent for composting). Unused food items are donated to local charities to minimise unnecessary food waste.

Following the event, there will be an evaluation conducted; to ensure we are implementing and supporting each other to live our best lives in the most sustainable way.  This evaluation will also be sure to provide future improvements for this yearly event.