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Polkadot tiny house 4GEN Village at the Eco Expo

Polkadot tiny house 4GEN Village

4GEN: Tiny Houses & Sustainable Living

Who We Are 

We build regenerative Eco Villages to make the transition to modern, happier & sustainable living communities more accessible to everyone, increasing quality of life, saving money, providing more affordable housing while reducing impact on the planet so that it may be enjoyed 4 generations to come.

What to Expect 

Find out about Tiny Houses! How a Tiny House and the Eco Village may be the key to creating connected and sustainable communities for the future. Learn how this type of eco smart, mobile housing can overcome community isolation and disconnection, and start to regenerate the small village living model for a more meaningful and effective way to live.

Visit Us Because 

We offer a fresh, pragmatic approach to sustainability, community and technology within village living models at every urban level. We want to achieve virality for building 144,000 Eco Villages by 2050, so that we can reach a more sustainable planet by 2100. The model is based on the “fractal”, the endlessly repeating mathematical pattern.

Polkadot tiny house 4GEN Village at the Eco Expo
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