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Who We Are

Welcome to Yogasuthra, your new online retailer for eco-friendly, sustainable yoga equipment.

We are proud to bring to you a new range which has been two years since inception, including the uniquely designed Yogasuthra backpack – an idea that came to me during a Yin Yoga class (of all things). I realised that we have all been carrying our yoga mats in an incredibly awkward and disorganised way!

I found that all this awkwardness was putting undue stress on our necks and shoulders, carrying multiple somewhat heavy items in an unbalanced way. The new uniquely designed Yogasuthra backpack solves that issue by putting the weight on the hips instead of the shoulders. After all, isn’t the entire point of yoga to become balanced? 😉

What to Expect

We offer a sustainable, eco-friendly range of cork & natural rubber yoga mats, yoga backpacks, organic cotton yoga straps & natural cork yoga blocks. This range is designed for ‘yogi’s on the move’ whilst promoting eco-friendly measures.

Visit Us Because

When you purchase one of our products you are joining the eco-friendly movement and supporting a future to no waste. All of our products are either recyclable, non-toxic, or biodegradable. Join our sustainable yoga future today!

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