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Active Axons Education

Who We Are

Active Axons Education got started in 2008 and is based upon the combination of research, personal experience and the experiences. These experiences suggest that Healthcare and Education can appear to be ‘done to you’ rather than ‘with you’. At Active Axons we would really like to see that change because with the evidence we have available to us, it really can!

At Active Axons we have a deep, and often expressed, passion for all things biology and all things learning. Over the last 8 years this passion has extended to include all things essential oils. Particularly for utilising the power of plants through the new aromatherapy. The action of essential oils represents basic cellular biology. A return to the understanding of our relationship with the chemistry of living.

What to Expect

Active Axons Education will bring you DoTerra Essential Oils and also help you Empower Your Choices with Science based Wellness Education and Natural Learning.

Visit Us Because 

The investigative method of science is already demonstrating why the essential oils can “work” for us and the knowledge shared from generations past is being built on rapidly.

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