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Join this free seminar for tips on how YOU can Increase the Value and Impact of the Money in Your Life!

Do you want to know how you can get the most impact and value out of your money, whilst still supporting ethical companies? Join Adrian Nathaniel to learn the tips and tricks that could change your world!

We are living in evolutionary times where our relationship to self, money, corporations and governments are being deeply examined, redefined and reconfigured. We are being challenged to make a stand toward something that feels more aligned, more honouring, and more sustaining for all living beings and their underlying economic premise.

This talk will explore practical steps how you can increase the value & impact of money in your life, right now. Other topics discussed include:

  • The rise of the conscious consumer
  • The role of the conscious consumer in the new economy • What the new economy looks like

About Adrian Nathaniel

Adrian Nathaniel is the Principal Financial Planner at Argonaut Financial.

Adrian champions the positive use of money in this world through conscious consumerism, ethical investing and business leadership. He lives in the Eco village in Currumbin Valley, and founded a community currency called Ecokash to support the sharing economy and change the way we use and relate to money. He is a passionate advocate for measuring social and environmental impact to demonstrate performance as a Triple Bottom Line.

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