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Against the Grain Health at the Eco Expo

Against The Grain Health: 100% natural healing balms and sun protection

Who We Are 

Against the Grain Health products are comprised entirely of  100% natural, high quality, ethically sourced, raw ingredients provided by suppliers whom share our philosophy. We use only food grade, organic, virgin, raw ingredients, ethically sourced from within Australia.

It’s our mission to steer the dialogue away from symptom driven, band-aid approaches to health and educate individuals about alternative forms of healing which walk the line between positive scientific understanding and the test of time.

What to Expect  

Its never too early or too late to take care of your biggest organ. At Against The Grain Health we understand the importance of caring for your skin with simple, natural ingredients. Not only is the skin your first immunity barrier to the outside world it is a conduit for the body to absorb important plant medicines. Our products will always be handmade with love and the purest organic ingredients available.

You’ll notice our products don’t only smell edible, they are edible! Their smooth, buttery texture absorbs very easily into the skin leaving you feeling nourished and looking vibrant. We encourage those who agitate the status quo in their individual missions and come from a place of integrity, bringing us back to a place of harmony within the bosom of mother nature.

Visit Us Because 

When you look beyond the veil of clever marketing and super market shelves, and look at the science you find comforting facts. Nature has indeed already provided us with the nourishment your bodies largest organ needs. Backwards is the new forwards and we invite you to enjoy a natural alternative to mass produced skin care.

Our alchemy is not possible without the wondrous creations of our natural environment.

For example, the diligent and selfless Bee whom facilitates life on every level. We seek only to holistically facilitate natures best, and combine it in such a way that everyday skin products are infused with plant medicine for the mind, brain, body and soul.

Against the Grain Health at the Eco Expo
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