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Animal Justice Party at the eco expo

Animal Justice Party

Who We Are

The Animal Justice Party strives for a planet on which animals are treated with respect, dignity and kindness. By protecting the environment, animal rights and human rights we will ensure a better life for all. Join us at the Eco Expo and meet our candidates, get involved with our campaigns, and learn about our vision for a kind and sustainable world.

Meet our senate team:

Karagh-Mae Kelly is the owner and director of Doggy Day Care Brisbane and has a history in law enforcement and animal welfare, working separately for the Federal Govt and RSPCA. She is the Spokesperson for Domestic Violence & Cruelty and works in the community sector tackling this important issue.

Dr Leah Coutts is experienced in community outreach, animal advocacy, and small business. Dr Coutts is a tertiary music educator and researcher for positive behavioural change. She is an active member on multiple AJP policy working groups focusing on animal agriculture and the environment.

Belinda Hardy has a strong corporate background in the technology sector. Active in AJP policy working groups, she has contributed widely to both state and national submissions, policies and fact sheets on environmental protection.

What to Expect

Meet our candidates and find out about our vision for a kind and sustainable Australia. Get involved with our campaigns to protect animals and the environment, sign our petitions and learn about our policies. Photo frames with animal rights messages to take that perfect selfie.

Visit Us Because 

Getting involved with the Animal Justice Party is one of the most effective steps you can take to help save the environment and animals.

Animal Justice Party at the Eco Expo
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