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Apiaries 8 at the Eco Expo
Apiaries 8 at the Eco Expo

Apiaries 8 – pure Australian honey

Who We Are

Apiaries 8 is an Australian owned family business based in Brisbane combining three generations of apiarists. We are passionate about promoting pure Australian honey and supporting the beekeeping industry.

Our busy bees collect premium pollen and nectar from various trees and flowers to go into each and every jar of Apiaries 8 100% Pure Australian Honey.

What to Expect

Our raw honey is cold pressed with no additives so you can enjoy the taste of pure honey, the way Mother Nature intended.

Apiaries 8 offers many unique pure raw honeys, creamed honey, honeycomb, beeswax, gifts and beekeeping equipment.  We are able to supply retail, stockists and wholesale customers.

“If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than 4 years to live.”


Visit us Because

Beekeeping provides a sustainable future to the problem of a world shortage of pollinating insects impacting on food security for our planet.

Our vision for sustainable beekeeping has three primary objectives:

  1. Educating the wider community on the benefits of bees and beekeeping.
  2. As bee diseases increase, the need for better management of bee hives for honey production becomes more crucial. Healthier bees and hives will ensure the maximum amount of honey available can be captured.
  3. Designing and building more innovative and specialist beekeeping machinery and equipment to lighten the load for beekeepers and encouraging more beekeepers into the future.  A full hive of honey can weigh as much as 30 kilograms which can create workplace health and safety hazards.

Through our vision, we want to encourage better hive management and reduce the impact of bee diseases; design and build innovative machinery and equipment; and educate the wider community on the benefits of bees and beekeeping in creating a sustainable future.

Apiaries 8 at the Eco Expo
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