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Ethical Investing with Argonaut Financial

Who We Are

Adrian is the Principal Financial Planner at Argonaut Financial, championing the positive use of money in this world through conscious consumerism and values based, ethical investing. Adrian lives in the Eco village in Currumbin Valley, and is an emerald member of the Gecko Environment Council. He unites his love of mindfulness with his expertise as a licensed financial planner to offer an innovative approach to financial freedom.

What to Expect

Ethical investing gives individuals the power to allocate capital toward companies that are aligned with their personal values, whether they are based on environmental, social or political precepts. It is also known as Responsible investment or Socially Responsible Investment (SRI).

It involves a process that stands in addition to the conventional investment selection method and incorporates a method of positive and negative screening of companies:

  • Positive screening – Proactive search for investments that contribute positively to society and the environment
  • Negative screening – Avoiding investment in industries which have a negative impact on society and the environment.

Visit Us Because

Whatever horizon you set sail for, Argonaut Financial can help you navigate your course towards financial freedom. As every investor has different concerns, at our first meeting we will work with you to identify and document your values in relation ethical investing. Once this is done we will recommend investment solutions to match your Ethical Investment profile.

Find Argonaut Financial at the Eco Expo
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