Arlian Ecker a.k.a Plastic Free Boy

Eco Expo Guest Speakers

Come Join Plastic Free Boy in a free Demonstration about his mission to save the future for kids, through education and empowerment.

Arlian Ecker a.k.a Plastic Free Boy has made a film about the problems and solutions of plastic pollution.  Plastic Free Boy is on a mission to save the kids future by presenting his film PLASTIC ALARM in schools and community groups.

Please come along to join him in his movement. Having been on Prime TV several times Arlian shows how everyone can start small, and be an eco super hero!

This seminar is aimed to kids and teens, so bring them along to be empowered to save our world from plastic pollution!

Adults will love it too, and be impressed with the vision of our future generation!

About Arlian Ecker

Arlian Ecker known as PLASTIC FREE BOY made a film about the problems and solutions of plastic pollution. He grew up in Byron Bay, NSW as well as in his mother’s homeland Austria. Being bilingual and understanding cultural differences he has a sound understanding of seeing things from different perspectives.

He filmed PLASTIC ALARM with his Mum over the course of 1 year, and since its release last year has proven to be a hit. Arlian has featured on prime TV several times with his cause, to educate and empower kids to make better decisions for their future.

His film PLASTIC ALARM has inspired and empowered kids from the age of 3 years old until high school. Many of these kids follow him now on his social media platforms.

Arlian Ecker at the Brisbane Eco Expo
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