Asher Bowen-Saunders – Guest Speaker

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See the world through the eyes of a faerie and learn how you can cure the forest and the oceans from what is making them sick.

To Whisper Tomorrow is an intimate, interactive performance experience for children that educates and facilitates self learning.

Lead by Whisper the Wood Sprite, the experience generates a deeper connection between the audience and their impact on the planet, both positive and negative.

Through stimulating imagination and gently encouraging conversation about plastic pollution, the audience work together to solve the growing issue of plastic pollution and come away with knowledge and inspiration to live cleaner and educate others and elders to do the same.

Who is Asher Bowen-Saunders

Asher is a professional contemporary dance artist, creative activist and environmental educator who uses her art and experience to create positive change in the realm of social and environmental justice. Working with children and young adults is an area she resonates with and shows great ability to connect and generate passion in her audience. Her career spans across contemporary dance, acting, acrobatics, aerials and physical theatre performing and teaching across Australia, Canada, Fiji, North and South America.

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