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The Beeswax Co

Ecological, Reusable Alternative to Plastic Wrap with The Beeswax Co

Who We Are

The Beeswax Co is a reusable food wrap company based in Byron Bay. We provide a clean and healthy work space for our employees that helps to maintain a transparent and positive environment for everyone working in our manufacturing studio.

What to Expect

Use beeswax wraps instead of cling-wrap, to do your part for sustainability. The Beeswax Co has their own designs, screen printing them onto the cotton with GOTS certified fabric ink before they are waxed. How to use? Using the warmth of your fingers or hands, pinch the wrap together for a few seconds and the wrap will stick to itself, or it will stick to your bowl or container. With care, your Beeswax Food Covers can last between 6-12 months. Clean your Beeswax Food Wraps after use with warm water and a mild detergent, gently wipe both side and rinse. Leave to drip dry over the dish rack and roll up and store in a drawer.

  • Do Not soak in water or use hot water
  • Do Not use them in the OVEN, MICROWAVE or DISHWASHER as this will melt the wax and lessen its life span
  • Do Not use with RAW MEATS

Visit Us Because

All our products are handmade using ethically sourced, GOTS certified organic cotton, organic coconut oil, local beeswax and pine tree resin. Did you know that over the last ten years we have produced more plastic than during the whole of the last century? Do you know that It takes 500-1,000 years for plastic to degrade? Beeswax Co offers a ecological alternative to plastic wrap with our products.

Find Beeswax Co at the Eco Expo

Find the Beeswax Co at the Eco Expo
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