Bel Young – Zandi Organics

Eco Expo Guest Speakers

Eating a plant based or vegetarian diet could be the “single biggest way” to individually reduce your environmental impact on Earth, find out how big with Bel.


Bel, CEO and founder of Zandi Organics discusses the significant environmental impact of dietary choices on our carbon footprint. Explore how easy it can be to make changes to your lifestyle for your health and your planet.

Bel will cover the benefits of a plant based diet from both a health perspective and an emissions perspective, whilst providing easy practical steps and switches you can make immediately to begin positively impacting your personal C02 emissions.

Deep dive into little known herbs, spices and superfoods that are emerging in the marketplace and learn how to harness their proven benefits to support your optimal health and wellbeing, whilst also complementing an eco lifestyle.

As CEO of a wholly plant based company gain insight into how the food landscape is changing to support a more sustainable food economy for our future generations and what part you might personally play in changing the tide of greenhouse gas emissions.

Who is Bel Young?

Bel is CEO of wellness brand Zandi Organics and a freelance digital marketing consultant with a decade of experience having worked in a diverse and varied business landscape from start ups to national organisations in helping them connect to their digital audience. With a grounding in herbalism and Ayurvedic principles, Bel is constantly exploring the link between diet and wellness. It’s her curious nature, paired with a passion for doing better than whats been done before that drives results. Bel is an avid foodie, occasional adventurer and mumpreneur known for her eternal positivity and her bubbly personality.

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