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Bespoke Habitats

Who We Are

Bespoke Habitats provide tailored, unique, sustainable and luxury shipping container conversions. Shipping container conversions are great tiny houses for the environmentally conscious. Our talented team work help to design, build, manage your project to deliver unique habitats.

What to Expect

Bespoke Habitats’ shipping container conversions are extremely diverse.
  • Work and Retail – Shipping containers can be used for a variety of businesses including cafes, art galleries, work studios, retail shops, workshops, site offices etc.
  •  Living and Retreat – Single dwellings, attached dwellings, 1 or more levels, 20” and 40” end, side and top opening containers, clip on decks and verandahs
  •  Swimming Pools and Gazebos – Shipping containers can be transformed in to your dream pool, located anywhere – on your roof or side of the hill!

Visit us Because

Bespoke Habitats offers unique, compact and sustainable habitats in your space, to suit your needs, on your site. Visit our 20” luxury converted shipping container at the Eco Expo!
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