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Bokashi Ninja

Who We Are

A little green, a little legendary, a little world-changing. Bokashi Ninja is an easy in-kitchen composting system that allows everyday Australians to reduce household food waste going to landfill, reduce single use plastic bags and turn food waste into soil enriching fermented matter and Bokashi extract for the plants and garden.We are a local Sunshine Coast business building a thriving Bokashi Ninja community and hope to inspire, empower and enable each of us to create better waste in our homes so that, together, we can make a difference to this beautiful planet we inhabit. One person can make a difference. Together we can change the world.

What to Expect

Bokashi Ninja will show you how Bokashi composting works, how easy it is to implement into your daily routine and the benefits to your home, your garden and the planet. Bokashi Ninja is a movement, a start of a cultural shift. A change from bin to Bokashi, from waste to create!

Products include:
20L Bokashi Ninja Composting Bucket
Natural Australian-made Bokashi Ninja Accelerant Spray

5 Pack Mesh Produce Bags (made from recycled plastic bottles)


Visit us Because

 5 million tonnes of food waste ends up in Australian land fill each year. Bokashi Ninja is in the forefront of innovation to help reduce household food waste going to landfill. Bokashi Ninja is easy, convenient and sustainable! And we’ll outline the awesome benefits of this ancient Japanese composting method, with demonstrations all day, each day of the Brisbane Eco Expo.

Join us and get your ninja on!


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