Brad McDonald

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Join this free Seminar by Brad McDonald to learn more about the Deep Physical and Mental Connection we share with Mother Earth

Brad Mcdonald discovered the benefits of natural medicine when battling with a family history of Autoimmune Disease, and how the Gut, Brain, and Skin are all connected.

Lets have a chat about the deep physical and mental connection we share with mother earth. Being accountable for our wellness and self-healing involves reconnecting with nature and being preemptive in our wellness approach. Hopefully this chat will enable you to move past some of the pitfalls of the wellness industry and equip you with some ‘health hacks’ to help you along the way. To be nurtured by nature is a reciprocal relationship so let us make the changes within ourselves and see it manifest into the consciousness of others and the sustainability of our planet.

Join Brad on his journey to inform people about the benefits of nature when combined with the body!

About Brad Mcdonald

After graduating in Health Sciences at the University of South Australia, Brad’s journey began with his families struggles with autoimmune mystery illnesses. Experiencing first hand the lack of effectiveness of steroid creams for psoriasis and the connection between the gut, brain and skin, he began experimenting. Through this he was able to gain a greater understanding of the undeniable synchronicity that we share with nature and what that means for us as we step into a brave new world.

Brad started Against The Grain Health, purchased a van and hit the road, travelling to the East Coast of Australia to spread the good word on natural healing. A journey without destination landed him on the Sunshine Coast doing three markets a week from Eumundi, to Kawana and Noosa farmers market. This allowed him to speak with people from all walks of life and understand on a deeper level the wellness struggles of everyday people in the 21st century.

Brad’s mission is to help people rediscover our nurturing connection with nature and equip them with truths and health hacks so that they too can self-heal. “To be nurtured by nature is a reciprocal relationship so please be conscious in taking steps towards the greater well-being of our planet as you go about your quest for health and happiness.” Brad McDonald.

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