Chris Blamire – Lemon Canary

Eco Expo Interactive Workshop

Learn the secrets of Lemon Canary’s candles!

Chris Blamire, artisan candle maker, beekeeper and owner of Lemon Canary is spilling the beans on what goes into creating their stunning and natural candles.


Learn the secrets used at Lemon Canary’s artisan studio to create stunning and natural candles that will light your home and heart

Using 100% plant based vegan waxes with 100% pure and organic aromatherapy scent blends created from the finest organic essential oils, your Lemon Canary candle is better for your health, home and the environment.

Chris Blamire, artisan candle maker and beekeeper, looks forward to sharing Lemon Canary’s simple process that will have you making beautiful, natural soy candles in no time!

Who is Chris Blamire

Chris Blamire, artisan candle maker and beekeeper, won’t use beeswax in any of his natural products. He believes integrity begins with prioritising one’s values and making decisions based on principles, not commercial interests. For Chris, safety, health and sustainability come first.

Chris and his wife Aimee are the owners of renowned custom and private label candle company, Lemon Canary. Lemon Canary is an Australian artisan studio that makes natural aromatherapy scented soy candles for loving homes, special events and heartfelt gift giving.

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