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Clover Fields

Who Are We

We pride ourselves on our dedication to designing and producing quality, Australian-made soaps and toiletries with a focus on organic and natural ingredients.

What to Expect

Since 1983, we’ve been lovingly producing products from soap to furniture polish; covering everything inbetween. Our business was started with a kitchen-cook up of home-made soaps and has powered into decades of domestic success, global export and incredible list of clients (and friends) from all sectors of business.

A large part of our business is our contract manufacture/private label, and we’ve made bespoke soaps for major companies in Australia and around the world.

Visit Us Because 

We pride ourselves on our fully eco-sustainable, natural and harm-free products with Australian-sourced ingredients preferred. We don’t test on animals, are 100% Australian made, and we don’t use any harsh chemicals that harm your skin or the environment. We’ll be making affordable and quality Australian products for years to come.




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