Dallas Cramond – Signature Dandelion

Eco Expo Guest Speakers

Educational Seminar:

What to look for in Ethical Skin Care

As an active consumer of skin care, what do you look for in a skin care brand to make sure it aligns with your environmental values?

With so many beautiful green and ethical skin care options, what do you look for and what questions should you be asking?

Dallas will lead a discussion on what makes skin care businesses ethical and how to use your purchase power to push skin care business to make better decisions and look out for the environment and not just your skin.

Who is Dallas Cramond

Dallas is the creator behind Signature Dandelion.

In her journey to find a soothing solution for her 2-year old’s eczema problem, she discovered her love of formulating. As her education in skin care evolved so did her concern for the impact her business could have on the environment. Her focus is on being open and transparent, push her business to be carbon positive, and to work with suppliers who share the same ethos.

Dallas was born in the great state of Maine in the good old USA. She met her Australian husband in the beautiful mountains of California and have two adorable, rambunctious little boys. Today the family resides on the Gold Coast of Australia enjoying the beautiful weather, leading the recycling program at her boy’s school, formulating skin care, and avoiding large spiders and other creepy crawlies whenever possible.”

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