David Lange

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Join this free Seminar by David Lange to learn more about sources of radiation that could be affecting your health.

Are Sources of Radiation in Your Home Impacting your Health?

Are you aware of the impact that Electronic Radiation and Natural Geopathic stress can have on your life? These unseen invaders are all around us.

Find out how a home assessment by a qualified Geovital Geobiologist can help identify and offer solutions to these issues. Geovital shielding products provide protection from harmful sources of radiation, enabling your body to regenerate.

About David Lange

David Lange completed Geovital training as a Geobiologist in 2015. He has been conducting home assessments throughout Southern Queensland for 3 years, bringing helpful solutions to clients.

Geovital, a Naturopathic & Chiropractic Clinic based in Austria, recognized over 30 years ago that electronic radiation & natural geopathic stresses were causing issues to the rate of recovery in the health of their patients. Testing procedures, to identify the presence and intensity of natural and man-made radiation have been developed.

David utilizes these testing procedures combined with specialized devices to measure the radiation levels and provides advice based on these readings. Geovital shielding products are available to eliminate or minimize the harmful effects of this radiation. These non-toxic and healthful Geovital products have been used to restore patient wellbeing for over 3 decades.

David Lange at the Brisbane Eco Expo
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