Dr Kevin S. Redd – Sustainable Cuisine

Eco Expo Guest Speakers

Dr Kevin Redd brings a wealth of enthusiasm and penchant for edible plants to the Eco Expo.

Kevin is an entertaining speaker and a self-confessed plant nerd who absolutely thrives on learning about and sharing the origins, history, cultivation and diverse uses for plants.


Grow great greens in SEQ all year!

The focus is on a broad range of plants that grow well in Queensland for all or most of the year….mostly perennials but also some annuals that love the challenging conditions (i.e Summer!). There will also be a ‘tasting’ of these wonderful plants as well as some dishes that are easy to make with them.


TURMERIC: A superfood that you can grow yourself!

Kevin will share experiences on how to grow, use and eat this wonderful superfood! You will be surprised on how easy it is and what delicious things can be whipped up in any home kitchen. Join Kevin to get a few ideas that work well for any level of cooking/gardening experience and find out how to grow your own Tumeric!

Who is Dr Kevin S. Redd?

Dr Kevin Redd owns Sustainable Cuisine and runs a productive self-sufficient food garden from which he is able to grow all of his own produce as well as cater for a wide range of events around the region. Kevin has a PhD in molecular ecology and a research background plant biochemistry.

An active member of the Nursery and Garden Industry of Queensland, Kevin loves not only growing plants but also sharing his passion for edible plants and culinary applications and giving daily inspiration on what to do with the wonderful produce from our subtropical gardens.

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