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Earthlife Garden Care: Natural, Healthy Food

Who We Are

Earthlife are an Australian owned company based in Toowoomba, Qld, and manufacture a range of microbial rock mineral and humate based soil conditioners and fertilisers that help toughen and condition plants to resist pests and deliver nutrient-dense fruit and vegetables while creating a sustainable and contaminant free soil environment.

What to Expect

With modern agricultural, horticultural and gardening techniques relying on synthetic additives to grow plants since the 1840’s it was revealed at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro that Australian soils were over 55% depleted of natural minerals compared with 100 years earlier. With plants actually utilising over 60 different elements to metabolise properly Earthlife realised that the reason agriculture, horticulture and the home gardener had to rely on synthetic nutrients and chemicals to grow their plants was because these essential minerals were missing.

What was also being lost but not reported was the soil biology, being the bacteria and fungi and other micro-organisms, that work with the plants to make those natural minerals available. Earthlife realised this too and through
scientific research of natural forest ecosystems were able to identify the minerals and the biology necessary to restore those systems and deliver what the plants naturally require.

Most of the advice given regarding garden health and maintenance revolves around using composts, animal waste products like manure and blood and bone, as well as both soluble and slow-release synthetic fertilisers. No mention is ever made of natural minerals and the most important of roles that they perform. Combined with the necessary microbes, the minerals in the soil are the foundation for everything else to work. With a high mineral content everything else added to the garden can work better and more efficiently.

Visit Us Because

We offer simple, easy-to-use, no-dig, water-wise and Vegan-friendly solutions for creating healthy soils, healthy plants and a healthy environment.

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