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Exotic Bazaar – Shortcut To Slow Cooked Middle Eastern Dishes

Who We Are

At Exotic Bazaar, we celebrate quality food that brings joy to your pallet and to your body. Our mission is to gift Australians with the exotic flavours of traditional Persian cuisine, through use of ethically sourced produce, and environmentally friendly practices

What to Expect

All of our sauces are vegan and gluten free. We use all natural, locally sourced and imported ingredients in our food, with no preservatives, additives, or refined sugar. Our sauces are mild but packed with flavour and aroma. We pride our selves on providing sauces that look great, smell delicious, and taste even better!

There are plenty of recipes that our sauces can be used in! They can be enjoyed in their own glory, or by adding vegetables, tofu, or meat to create a dish with saffron rice, bread, salad or Cous Cous. These sauces have no excessive salt, sugar, or chilli.

We have a range of products including ‘Herbs and Dried Lime’, ‘Walnut and Pomegranate’, and ‘Tomato and Rose Water’ for you to create amazing and exciting dishes for your family in no time.

Visit Us Because 

We create our sauces completely gluten free, preservative free, sugar free, and vegan so everyone can enjoy! Come by our store to see our range of delicious products! No matter your taste buds, you’re sure to to fall in love with Exotic Bazaar!

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