Gilava Pour

Eco Expo Guest Speakers

Join live cooking demonstrations with Gila Pour and discover the secrets of Persian cuisine.

Discover a new food concept from Persian cuisine and watch the chef throw an impressive feast in no time.

Gather tips on how to maximise the benefits of spices like Turmeric and Cinnamon. Indulge in the fragrances of aromatic and Exotic ingredients like Rose Water and Saffron, and learn how to easily incorporate them in your everyday cooking.

About Gila Pour

Gila is the co-founder of Exotic Bazaar Australia, who has joined the food industry with a mission to enrich Australians’ palette with new flavours inspired by the love and harmony from the Middle Eastern cuisine. Gila was born and raised in Iran during the Gulf war, she learned the value of food and the reality of limited resources from early childhood. She worked as a little kitchen hand with her aunties to feed the big family at the times of food scarcity, when despite the limitations they managed to throw tasty feasts using care and love.

This experience has blessed her with a creative eye to make the most out of what is available and given her the ability to truly apply the minimalist view of “waste not want not” attitude in her life even at times of plenty. She studied computers and migrated to Australia as a skilled migrant and got a job as a consultant for a bank. During her career she always found cooking and learning about new ingredients as a way to relieve the stress of her daily job.

She also realised there is a lot of valuable information about Middle Eastern ingredients that many people in Australia don’t know about.  That is when she decided to found Exotic Bazaar to bring the treasure of knowledge she gathered at her old home, to her new home. With the support of her partner Gareth, they started developing recipes and cooking simmer sauces that are used in much loved authentic Persian dishes, but with a modern twist and with implementing eastern food philosophy to maximise the health benefits of each ingredient.

Gila and Gareth are also lovers of nature and animals. From the start they applied strict policies to run their business with minimum waste and environmental impact, such are: no plastic to landfill, zero waste kitchen, and low carbon emission sourcing. A core belief at Exotic Bazaar is: The only right way to run a business is the eco way.

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