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Who Are We

Green Dandelion is here to help on your zero-waste journey. If you are just starting out, or well on your way to a waste free life, we offer eco products for the home and body that support a sustainable lifestyle.

What to Expect

We offer an inspiring range of eco products which are handmade locally, upcycled, or ethically made from non-toxic ingredients, sustainable materials and natural fibres. Our products are reusable, biodegradable, compostable, or recyclable, which keeps on giving… to you, the maker, and the planet.

Visit Us Because

We have worked very hard to establish relationships with both local homegrown makers and Australian ethical suppliers. We share our zero waste and toxin free ethos with these suppliers, and are both working passionately towards a cleaner, safer world. Our mission is to raise awareness and support others to reduce waste and use of materials that are potentially harmful to both ourselves and the environment. We are change makers, helping you to build the future you want for the world.

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