Holley Somerville Knott

Eco Expo Guest Speakers

Join this free Seminar by Holley Somerville Knott and take action to create a more sustainable world!

Join Holley as she works to stop destructive practices that harm the planet, inspire others and create a positive change.


Come listen in and see how this young entrepreneur fights against Palm Oil Production that destroys ancient rainforests.

Holley’s vision is for millions of people to join her, unite, connect and create positive change together

About Holley Somerville Knott

Meet Holley Somerville Knott, a passionate 15-year-old Environmentalist, CEO & Founder of a social enterprise and Charity Foundation, singer, Slam Poet, Public Speaker and social justice advocate since 5 years old. After starting a Charity at age 8 to use her voice for good, Holley has been singing, speaking and performing to thousands of people all over Australia at Festivals, Conferences, Gala events and schools. She has a big heart and a voice to match!

Her current project Tell Someone Who Cares (TSWC) sees her taking on the palm oil industry and addressing it by promoting trade that helps vulnerable Indigenous peoples of the Borneo Rainforest, youth mental health, education and animal rights.

Holley Somerville Knott at the Eco Expo
Holley Somerville Knott at the Brisbane Eco Expo
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