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Indira Organics – 100% Chemical and Toxin Free

Who We Are

Proudly Australian owned and operated, our products aim to responsibly produce beautiful skincare products that feel gorgeous, are effective, and enhance holistic health. We are driven to provide 100% chemical and toxin-free products that care for all skin-types.

Australia’s rich array of botanicals have the power to heal, nurture and restore the skin to exceptional health. It’s for this reason we incorporate carefully chosen Australian botanicals within every formula. All products contain around 95% certified organic ingredients, with every single ingredient carefully sourced to deliver quality results.

What to Expect

Imagine dewy, glowing and naturally beautiful skin that you are completely comfortable in. The INDIRA ORGANICS products nourish, refine, balance and feel fantastic, helping you achieve your most beautiful skin yet!

A gorgeous, strictly chemical free skincare range abundant in organic, Australian ingredients, we reduce the use of everyday chemicals, starting with what you put on your skin. Products provide the cleansing basics to prime all skin types for our treatment & moisture products. These new age products offer the perfect start to your skincare routine.

Visit us Because

Using 100% chemical free ingredients and minimising waste with minimalistic packaging, we incorporate Australian botanical ingredients in every product, including brilliant actives tested by Southern Cross University, proving their incredible potency and superior properties. Our packaging choices have been considered (and reconsidered!) to ensure we keep things minimal yet unique and gorgeous. Why over-complicate life further with unnecessary packaging?

Find Indira Organics at the Eco Expo
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