Jacine Greenwood

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The Genetic Fault in Skin – Eczema

Many parents struggle with their child’s eczema and how to manage it. Unfortunately many do not understand what eczema is and how it is triggered. Many parents believe that it is from an allergy and proceed on getting allergy testing done, however eczema is only allergy related in a small percentage and in the majority it is a “genetic fault” in the skin. In this lecture you will learn what key ingredients are required to manage and repair the skin barrier. Why moisturisation is essential and how often you should be doing it.

What home remedies are sabotaging your ability to get your child’s skin back to normal and what you can do to prevent eczema if you have a genetic risk of your child inheriting it.

Over 40 and still breaking out?”

40% of adult woman have acne and yet we are told this is something that you should grow out of. In this seminar you will learn the hidden saboteurs of clear skin. How diet impacts your acne and what you can do in your own kitchen to take back control.

Find out what role probiotics can play in clear skin and which specific ones have been shown to have clinical benefit. Why menopause can cause a surge of breakouts when you never had them before, and how to deal with it successfully and gain clear skin back.

About Jacine Greenwood

Jacine Greenwood is renowned for knowing how to successfully treat complicated skin conditions including acne, rosacea and eczema through holistic and botanical treatment of the skin.

Jacine Greenwood is an internationally recognised educator who is known within the industry for her up to date knowledge and her ability to deliver training in an easy to understand method.

Jacine is a Cosmetic Chemist and Esthetician, and holds 6 Diplomas and a Bachelor of Nursing. Jacine’s knowledge is well respected by her peers. With over 25 years experience in the beauty industry, Jacine has an immense knowledge of current trends in research and new developments in the industry. Her advice is sought after in the industry and highly regarded.

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