Jimmy Hirst & David Nelson – Homecube

Eco Expo Guest Speakers


Future Tiny Houses & Eco Villages

Learn how these more affordable, environmentally friendly and socially connective models and dwellings for future living may help overcome isolation and disconnection as well as regenerating more a meaningful and humane way to live.

A progressed talk based on nine years of research studying the sociological, engineering, holistic and technological aspects of future communities around the world as well as the Tiny Housing Movement.

Who is David Nelson

David Nelson, Founder of HOMECUBE, aims to leverage exponential technology to empower the poorest one billion.

Who is Jimmy Hirst

Jimmy Hirst is a passionate, self-professed social entrepreneur and social engineer who is actively working in advocating for and helping transition the mainstream population to that of more sustainable & socially connective communities (also referred to as “Eco Villages”) to help improve quality of life for all people as well as helping reduce impact on the planet so that it may be enjoyed for generations to come.

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