Karen McLeod

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Join this free Seminar by Karen McLeod to learn how to Invest Ethically and Help the Planet!

Make your money work for you and the planet! If you are trying to live a sustainable life, it makes sense that you want to do the same with your money. Did you know you can invest your savings and superannuation ethically? 
Good opportunities in the ethical investment space include recycling, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, innovation and health technologies. Things making life cleaner and better.

At this years Eco Expo, we will also explain how to find out if you are invested in fossil fuels, weapons, tobacco, logging, and gambling. Come along to learn about ethical investing.

About Karen McLeod

Karen McLeod is a Brisbane-based Certified Financial Planner who has chosen to specialise in ethical investments for the last 10+ years. Her passion for ethical investing began after watching Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ in 2006. She realised that her clients should be investing in the solutions to help save the planet – like renewable energy and recycling, rather than those polluting the environment or causing harm -like fossil fuels and weapons.

She volunteers as a board member on the Responsible Investment Association Australasia for the last 7+years and she is an active speaker at many environmental talks about divestment from fossil fuels – including 350.org, UQ Fossil Free, Australian Conservation Foundation, and the 2014 Climate Summit.

In 2009, the Australian Financial Review’s ‘Smart Investor’ magazine awarded Karen McLeod a place in their Master Class Top 50 Honour Roll (Australia wide). This achievement is based on her technical expertise. She loves creating investment solutions that reap rewards for her clients while helping the planet.

Karen McLeod at the Brisbane Eco Expo
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