Karen Uhlmann

Eco Expo Guest Speakers

Free seminar by Stylist Karen Uhlmann for an inspiring showcase on Merino Country and the benefits that their clothing can bring.

Karen hosted a seminar showcasing Merino Country clothing and underwear using simple styling techniques and good basic styles that are designed for work, travel and play for wear in hot & cold climates. Locally made, Karen shared information on the unique natural properties of Australian Merino and why it is so good to wear everyday, provides natural comfort for sensitive skin, including chemo burns, and is good for the environment and local jobs. Stylist, Karen Uhlmann, showed visitors a way to look great, feel great and do good!

About Karen Uhlmann

Karen from Sustainable Styling wears Merino Country clothing & underwear in her day job as QLD Heart Care Manager and as a Stylist & Yoga Teacher. She has styled Merino Country photo shoots & fashion parades whilst also helping Merino Country customers achieve a sustainable wardrobe that doesn’t cost the earth, literally. Having spent nearly 20 years in the health sector, Karen’s approach to fashion & styling is identifying & finding the links between the environment, education & supporting local manufacturers and retailers. It’s this unique approach that leads Karen’s clients to successful & sustainable choices in clothing & fashion. Mentored by one of Australia’s most successful personal stylist, Cindy Newstead, who is an advocate for self improvement through fashion, Karen’s goals for her clients are much more that outfitting customers in the latest trends. Sustainable Styling is about helping women feel good about themselves through what they wear and how they approach clothes spending so they buy well, buy less and break negative shopping habits. Sustainable Styling’s mission is to help women discover the power of their personal style that is good for the planet, people, animals and the economy.

Karen Uhlmann at the Eco Expo
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