Kate Wall

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Join this free seminar and learn which about edible weeds!

Eat your Weeds! – Which Weeds are Free Food?

This workshop will discuss uses for weeds and what weeds are telling us about our garden, and then will venture into the fun of edible weeds. So many of the weeds we hate so much are actually edible, highly nutritious and so easy to grow. Some are even yummy!

Weeds offer us free food, and can help bring us so much health through their many medicinal values. Even better, this workshop will focus specifically on weeds which are commonly found in Brisbane gardens. Examples of edible weeds will be passed around for purposes of recognition and tasting.

About Kate Wall

Kate Wall is a gardening professional, workshop presenter, consulting gardener and garden writer based in Brisbane. She specialises in teaching people to garden in harmony with nature, ensuring beautiful and highly successful gardens for gardeners of all levels of experience. By working with nature Kate focuses on a very sustainable approach to gardening which is not only better environmentally but also makes the job at hand so much easier.

Kate is a keen proponent of subtropical gardening. She encourages gardeners to understand and appreciate our unique climate and to use it to our advantage, regardless of the style of garden. To this end Kate also teaches subtropical cottage gardening workshops, and has her own highly successful subtropical cottage garden, producing food, herbal medicine and an incredible abundance of flowers and joy.

Kate has an international following through her writings on www.GardenDrum.com.au and her own garden has featured on Gardening Australia and in the Sustainable Gardening Australia newsletter.

Kate’s passion for edible weeds has seen her interviewed numerous times for various ABC radio and online news, as well as other independent sustainability publications (such as Junkies Magazine). Find Kate in the ‘Earth Life‘ stand at the Eco Expo.

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