Khory Hancock – Guest Speaker at the Eco Expo

Eco Expo Guest Speakers

Khory Hancock is a celebrity environmentalist, an Australian Environmental Scientist and the ‘Environmental Cowboy’.

Come along on any of the three days of the Brisbane Eco Expo to hear Khory, primary ambassador for the Eco Expo, speak on climate change and the world around us, or join his entertaining ‘Speed Networking’ sessions.


Join Khory Hancock for a free seminar on ‘The impact of human based climate change and solutions at an individual and company level’

“Climate change is now the single biggest challenge we face in our future. It is affecting us on a social, economic and environmental level”. Join Khory Hancock to learn how to tackle current and future climate change challenges in Australia and globally.


Join Khory Hancock for ‘Eco Speed Networking’

Think Speed dating, but for friends! This is your opportunity to meet like-minded people in an encouraging and supporting environment.

Who is Khory Hancock

As an adventurous young professional, Khory is passionate about the future of the planet and the people on it, and truly believes young people are the solution; they will drive the innovation and creativity that is needed to solve climate change.

Using social media channels and speaking engagements, The Environmental Cowboy educates the community on climate science, identifying the current and future challenges faced in Australia and globally, with an aim to influence behavioural change.

In addition to his Bachelor of Environmental Science and Bachelor of Environmental Planning, Khory is a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control, trained Climate Reality Leader (Former Vice President of America Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project) and has 8 years professional industry experience in carbon offsets, carbon farming, coal seam gas, pipeline construction, coal mining, land rehabilitation, water and soil testing/monitoring, sustainable agricultural management, waste  management, incident management and reporting, greenhouse gas reporting, light rail industry and has a strong land management and agricultural strength and background.

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