Larissa Tedesco – Guest Speaker

Eco Expo Guest Speakers and Cooking Workshop

Zero Waste Seminar & learn to make homemade (Waste-Free) Pasta, with only 3 ingredients!

Plant-Based, Zero Waste and Minimalist Living… Larissa Tedesco from Eat Yourself Green has a passion for sustainability.

Come along to the Eco Expo to see Larissa in her element – Cooking, Educating and being Sustainable!


‘Simply Zero Waste: Getting Started’

Do you want to reduce your waste? Create a more sustainable home and reduce your environmental footprint?

The ‘Simply Zero Waste: Getting Started’ is perfect for people who want to make a lifestyle change but struggle to take the first step. Learn the basics to kick-start your zero waste lifestyle with simple recipes and tried and tested tips. This seminar offers a practical approach to daily issues we face as we try to reduce our waste and environmental footprint. Larissa will teach you how to make simple swaps, create a zero waste home and where to buy ethical and sustainable products plus much more.


‘Make Your Own Homemade (Waste Free) Pasta’

Making your own pasta is one of the easiest and most rewarding dishes to cook. Larissa shares the knowledge from her Italian family as she grew up eating and making pasta with her Nonna. Learn how to make your own, plastic free pasta, with a few simple ingredients and make a delicious and waste free meal.

Plus, get a few tips and tricks to create less waste in your kitchen, just like in the old days.

Who is Larissa Tedesco

Larissa started on her journey to plant based and sustainable living 5 years ago, going vegetarian and discovering how to lead a zero waste and plastic free lifestyle. On her blog, Eat Yourself Green she shares her passion for sustainability through her plant-based recipes and DIY. She also offers zero waste and cooking workshops and 101s.

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