Leap Cricket Protein

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Leap Cricket Protein 

Who Are We

LEAP Protein Bars are made from our love and passion for healthy foods. We wanted something with real vitamins and high-quality protein that tantalises taste buds. No nasties, just honest and healthy goodness.

What to Expect

We believe that cricket protein is the most sustainable and smartest choice of protein on the planet. Cricket energy bars and cricket powders are the perfect fuel for your adventures, whilst, being kind on your environment.

Wrapped in 100% compostable packaging they provide you with a zero waste and plastic free and none toxic healthy snack

Visit Us Because 

Crickets are tasty! There may be many health and environmental reasons why we have created LEAP cricket energy bars, however, deliciousness paramount!

Crickets taste naturally nutty and combined with fruits and seeds they taste great!

Find out for yourself!




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