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Who Are We

Little Bumble stands out as Australia’s ONLY food wrap creators with technical expertise in science, agriculture and food industries, which enable us to achieve the perfect wraps with outstanding performance and longevity. This key skill set enabled our founder, Laura Eddington, to develop a unique formula that can keep avocados fresh for up to 2 weeks, cucumbers 3 weeks and celery 5 weeks. Little Bumble are going above and beyond in solving the food storage crisis in Australia which currently wastes 9 billion dollars of food annually! Our wraps are keeping food fresher for longer so we can help save each household from wasting $1000 of food annually.

Our Hive Quarters is based in Gippsland, Victoria, and our team of wonderful worker bees lovingly hand make our beautiful wraps, often while singing and bopping to our favourite songs with our buzzing bee friends dropping in to visit!

What to Expect

At Little Bumble we are passionate about educating and empowering all households to rely on a more sustainable way to keep food fresher for longer. Our handcrafted and premium wraps are created to act as a natural and breathable cover, keeping food fresh for as long as possible while also avoiding plastic waste. It’s as easy as wrap, rinse and reuse and we offer both beeswax and plant-based wraps. Use our wraps for up to a year (or 2!) and then refresh with a top-up kit so they keep going strong! You can even make them yourself from scratch with a DIY kit. They are reusable, compostable, biodegradable and naturally anti-bacterial making them the ideal way to store food while being kind to the planet! There really is no need for plastic wrap in your kitchen. When you’re investing in a sustainable food storage solution you will not find better quality than Little Bumble: Food storage that won’t cost the earth!

Visit us Because

We invite you to join our Little Bumble community, a buzzing hive of thousands of households making a difference one wrap at a time. Find out why our fans love Little Bumble Reusable Food Wraps and trust us to equip them with the best quality food wraps that make a big impact, saving significant time and money on groceries, while saving our planet! Follow us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/littlebumblewraps) and Instagram (www.instagram.com/littlebumblewraps)

to stay updated with all the news, new released and offers from the Little Bumble Team in Gippsland.


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