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Love Thy Earth at the Eco Expo
Love Thy Earth at the Eco Expo
Love Thy Earth at the Eco Expo

Who We Are 

At Love Thy Earth, we have made it easier for you to switch to sustainably conscious habits that reduce your carbon footprint and protect our precious earth.

What to Expect 

Our unique eco bag range is made from 100% natural fibres – No plastic allowed!! Each eco bag is designed, manufactured in a sunny corner of the Gold Coast hinterland QLD of Australia. Handcrafted by a mother a daughter team, you can choose from a variety of styles, sizes and prints.

Our tote bags are extremely versatile! The range can be used as beach bags, handbags, surf bags, travel bags, picnic bags, toddler bags, pajama bags and shopping or market bags.

Our produce bag collections, are not your average produce bag, they enhance the life of your produce.

With our sustainable eco-friendly bag range we have made it is easy for you to find the perfect shopping solution to suit your grocery needs.

Visit Us Because 

We’re committed to eco-friendly practices across the board! You’ll notice a distinct lack of plastic throughout our entire product range. Every eco bag within our unique range is biodegradable & compostable at the end of its life having been designed and manufactured from a combination of all-natural fibres.

Love Thy Earth at the Eco Expo
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