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Luna Active Fitness Mats

Who We Are

Luna Active was designed to offer the world a beautiful eco-friendly alternative to the carcinogenic + toxic yoga mats on the market. We knew there had to be a better way than practising yoga or working out on toxic chemicals, so we created one. We create products that encourage you to live authentically and mindfully with our yoga mats, smudge bundles and mists. We are impact-driven and super passionate about giving back to our Mama Earth and donate from every purchase to plant trees in bushfire affected areas in our beautiful home of Australia.
What to Expect
Expect to be encouraged and motivated to live an authentic + mindful life – to take time for yourself, to fill up your cup and to slow down and listen to your souls calling. Ask us anything about toxin-free yoga mats and exercise equipment, how to smudge to cleanse negative energy, how to have a mindfulness practice and how to use our beautiful mists. Expect only the highest-quality products from our essential oils and mist ingredient, to where we source our smudges from, to the materials and designs of our yoga mats

Visit Us Because

This year has been a lot for everyone. Take time out for yourself with our beautiful products to encourage you to destress and pause. Or feel uplifted after a tough workout on our beautiful grippy yoga mats. Take our products anywhere and everywhere for a mobile practice in mindfulness.

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