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Mad Millie

Mad Millie – Kits to make your own Cheese – and More!

Who We Are

Mad Millie is a Kiwi company with a passion and love for all things delicious and handcrafted. We also love to share our passion with you by giving you the opportunity to create delicious foods at home. We’ve made it easy and quick to create your own products at home, so why don’t you give it a try!

What to Expect

We’re famous for our cheese making kits, but we don’t stop there! What better way to accompany your gourmet cheese than with homemade sausages, cider, beer, yoghurt and more. Our Fresh Sausage Kit is packed with homemade sausage making recipes, our Boutique Brewery Kits allow you to make refreshing cider or beer to help quench your thirst and we look after you too with kits such as Greek Yoghurt and Kefir that are full of healthy benefits!

Products Include: Cheese/Dairy Making Kits, Equipment, Cider & Beer Kits, Gin Kit, Sausage Making Kits, Fermented Foods, Fermenting Kits and Vegan Kits

Visit Us Because

The beauty of making things yourself, is that you know exactly what goes in it, you can avoid nasty additives and you can make it just how you like it! Don’t just take our word for it though we’ve had others tell us how much they enjoy our kits too.

We cater to vegans and vegetarians, with vegan cheese kits available and support for alternating other ingredients.

Find Mad Millie at the Eco Expo
Find Mad Millie at the Eco Expo
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