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Join this free Seminar by Mark Thomson to discover what sustainable Responsible Wood really is!

Mark Thomson has developed a national reputation in Australia for championing Sustainable Design and Development as a practising Architect, Commercial Interior Designer and Environmental Consultant.

Responsible Wood is the eco-material for the future. Confusion regarding, what is sustainable wood? and where it comes from? is ripe within the consumers’ mind. When buying furniture, multiple timber / wood programs are mentioned and many are no more than marketing gimmicks.

Responsible Wood can now be defined!

About Mark Thomson

Building his own timber home and living in it for 8 years convinced Mark of the multiple benefits wood products offer. His “eco” home netted him 3 architectural awards and consolidated his professional reputation as an advocate of ecologically sustainable development.

Mark’s later commercial projects continued to gain industry awards in the design, business, property and development sectors. 
Mark has consulted to major environmental organisations such as The Green Building Council of Australia, Earthcheck and contributed to Australian Government policies and guidelines. He mentors architectural students and regularly lectures at universities and industry conferences. His business “Eco Effective Solutions” has developed new standards for building resilience and developed prototype designs, utilizing wood engineered products and timber.

As co-author of the London published Book “The Environmental Brief – pathways to green design” his case study chapter outlines the benefits of engineered wood products and prefabrication.
In 2017 he became an Independent Director for Australian Forestry Standards and promotes “Responsible Wood” with chain of custody certification. Mark is a Board member of the Griffith University Eco Centre, immediate Past President of the Australian Green Development Forum and Judge of the Australian Banksia Awards, the world’s longest running Sustainability Awards program.

Mark Thomson Eco Effective Solutions

The story of Eco Effective Solutions

Eco Effective Solutions is a Design and Consulting organisation committed to ecologically sustainable development and the education of the community to minimise its environmental impact on our planet.

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