Matthew Christopher

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Join this free Seminar by Matthew Christopher and unlock how to achieve your goals.

Matthew now he helps others reach and surpass their goals! Here’s a free seminar on how to live the life you dream of and break through self limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Learn how to discover what you really want, what is holding you back from attaining that goal, and create a mind set to get you there.


About Matthew Christoper

‘Going beyond your limits’ is Matthew’s mantra.

With over 20 years as an entrepreneur and a Director of 3 companies he has personal experience in creating the mind-set for success.

Having worked with high profile clients in real-estate, sales, legal and architectural industries he has a proven track-record of helping individuals and teams to reach and surpass their goals.

Matthew seeks to uncover deep seated beliefs, motivations and actions that will drive achievement of goals through individual coaching and team based workshops. Be it providing mediation services in resolving conflict, tocoaching sales agents to achieve beyond set targets, Matthew applies his training as a qualified Mediator, Mentor and Master Hypnotherapist to accelerate results.

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