Meghan Mandikos

Eco Expo Guest Speakers

Join this free seminar on the benefits of organic products and learn to use (& make) your own body butter.

The Teenager’s guide to making Body Butter

Meghan, a 12 year old Brisbane girl, will talk about the challenges and joys that have come with starting her own business at such a young age. Meghan will demonstrate how to make body butter at home, while explaining where her passion for organics came from. She hopes to share her knowledge with others teenagers and inspire them to also use (& make) natural beauty products, avoiding some of the nasty toxins of more commonly available products on the market.

This workshop is aimed to teens, for them to make their own skincare

Adults will love it too, don’t be afraid to join in with our future generation!

About Meghan Mandikos

Meghan Mandikos, an optimistic 12yr old, started her company (Organic Me) late in 2017, with the hope of earning a small income whilst also having fun making organic beauty products.

It has been a big learning curve on all levels! But what sparked the idea for her to start this business?? Meghan said that she had the idea when she started to see all-natural, organic products everywhere and upon trying some, she realised that she preferred them to normal, everyday products. She was further inspired as her Grandparents own an olive farm at Stanthorpe (Kotetsi Estate) and produce beautiful olive oil. Meghan says that she enjoyed being a part of this family business and started to think that perhaps she could make body butters using some of her Grandparent’s organic olive oil.

Since the humble start, the product range has grown and in addition to the body butters, Meghan now sells body scrubs, candles and bath salts as well.

Megan Mandikos - Organic me

Megan Mandikos at the Brisbane Eco Expo

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