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Who Are We

Natures Happiness is passionate about creating organic wholesome allergy free formulations. We believe in Nature and Nurture coming together to support your child growth and development.  Our products are created by professionals in the field. They are one of a kind formulations being both dairy, gluten and soy free as well as organic and vegan. Little Munchkins Toddler Super Drink was formulated to close the gaps in nutrition that children with allergies and sensitivities and support toddlers during the fussy eating stage in the most wholesome way.

What to Expect

Natures Happiness and Little Munchkins was created by Sarah Kottmann a natural health practitioner who wanted only the best for her son but could not find a dairy free and soy free product. This is how Natures Happiness was created using her knowledge of parents needs and common tends with toddlers she created Little Munchkins Morning and Sleepy time Super drink.

The product can be used for toddlers aged 12 month plus and there are no nasty ingredients. Mixed in with an alternative plant based milk it become a yummy shake that can be enjoyed in the Morning and before bed to support sleep, growth and wellbeing. The product is also suitable for vegans.

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