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OMG Decadent Donuts : They really are decadent!

Who We Are 

When we first started our business of making gluten free/vegan donuts, we struggled with what to call the business, and as we cooked donuts and experimented with crafting our 12 beautiful dusting sugars made with fresh local fruits and spices, people would bite into them and with a mouthful of decadent deliciousness, exclaim ‘Oh My God!”

Two years later, and thousands upon thousands of donuts later we have not only had the wonderful opportunity of people enjoying our donuts, but we have helped people start their own successful OMG Decadent Donuts business.  For more information on where you can buy a bundle of our donuts or join the OMG family, log onto www.omgdecadentdonuts.com or reach out to us on FaceBook @omgdonutsaus.

What to Expect 

It’s not just a donut.  It’s something that has been handcrafted, lab tested to consistency and quality.  It’s a mouthwatering treat for that is loved by everyone – especially those with dairy, gluten, egg, yeast and nut allergies and particularly vegans, who can’t get enough of our bundles of love.

Visit Us Because 

Not only will you indulge in some great donuts, dusted in amazing handcrafted sugars.  But you’ll meet the team and the people who are driving this business that is becoming the fastest vegan and gluten free franchise in the country.

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