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Patched Up Homewares

Who We Are

handmade recycled baskets, totes, clutches, earrings, pouches and tassels

What to Expect

At Patched Up Homewares our goal is to create unique handmade products using materials that are recycled and upcycled as much as possible. We want to #createtoreduce. In a world where it can feel impossible not to create more waste, we want to take what would have otherwise been trash and turn it into treasure! We source our materials as much as possible from second-hand stores, donations of unwanted fabric and furniture; and of course by looking on Facebook and Gumtree for items that with a little TLC can get a new lease on life! When you shop on Patched Up Homewares you can be confident that even though you are getting something shiny and new for you, it has been created from materials that would otherwise have further added to our environmental footprint.

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